Thursday, September 17, 2009

Starting this Saturday, September 19, we will be asking for a $1 donation from everyone who drops off food scraps at the market. This money will be used to make this project 100% self-sustaining, especially as we look for a larger-scale way to manage 1300+ pounds of food scraps every week. Donations will be on the honor system, but please participate if you can. If you have a big household (3 people or more) or have been saving up, the suggested weekly donation will be $2 or more.

We also need your time and energy to keep this project going. Right now, volunteers are needed to help with outreach, transporting and turning compost, and organizing things behind the scenes. If you are interested in getting involved please reply to this email, or just sign up at the market on Saturday.

We can’t reach everyone at once, so please spread the word among your friends and neighbors who compost at the market! With your help, this "community-supported composting" project will keep going strong and be a true model for neighborhoods everywhere.

yours truly,

The Fort Greene Compost Project
Amanda, Carolina, Marisa, Jon, Kendall, Alice, Charlie, Ray Ray, Clara, Roy, Jenna, Trevor, Seth, Ned and more

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