Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help Incentive

Composting at the Fort Greene Farmer's Market is an all-volunteer, community supported project -- which means we need your help to keep this neighborhood service going! Volunteers are needed to mind the drop-off bins, take donations, and help turn the compost at our sites around Brooklyn. If you have never volunteered before, please consider taking a shift. This locally-grown project is the first of its kind, but needs its friends and neighbors to participate in order to keep running every Saturday.

Our pals at
Habana Outpost, a local solar powered eatery, are offering folks another incentive to help out with the Fort Greene Compost Project. Those who take a spot on our Volunteer Schedule will not only keep the compost drop-off running as a neighborhood service, but they'll also receive a $10 Gift Certificate to Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street. Lunch is on them. Or dinner.

Take a look at our
Volunteer Schedule.

Together We Compost

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